Lab Results

With the large influx of new CBD on the market, it can feel overwhelming to try to pick which product is best for you and your loved ones. CBD products are unfortunately not all created equal, but Brookfield CBD has cultivated an approach to making this powerful remedy available to you with the highest quality standards in mind. To ensure you are getting a clean tincture with accurate potency of CBD, we have all of our products tested by a third party laboratory. This means that we send our products out to an external source to be tested for concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as presence of heavy metals.

What Do Our Lab Results Mean?

When you take a look at the lab results, you will first see a profile of the weight and concentration of the cannabinoids in our CBD tinctures. In the Full Spectrum tincture, you will see the concentration of 20.69 mg/mL CBD, which equates to one dropper full, as well as small concentrations of other cannabinoids that work in harmony with CBD to produce desired results. In the THC Free (CBD isolate) tincture, you will see the only cannabinoid present is CBD at a concentration of 19.27 mg/mL. Both the Full Spectrum and THC Free tinctures have no detectable THC present.

On the second page, you will see a Heavy Metal Analysis. Heavy metals can be dangerous to consume and are a concern for many. All of our tinctures pass the standards for heavy metals and are completely safe to consume.

Finally, on the third page of the test results you will find a terpenes profile. Terpenes have the ability to interact synergistically with the cannabinoids present in your CBD tincture. Some terpenes promote relaxation and anxiety relief while others foster feelings of acuity and focus. You will see in our test results that there are small amounts of different terpenes present to give you a more well-rounded tincture for optimal results.