For the quickest relief, inhaling CBD may be most effective, via either a e-cigarette or cigarette-style. For effects within a few minutes, drops of tincture under the tongue may be useful. Topical lotions, rubbed onto the skin, vary from person to person. Some may feel it right away, others not for at least an hour. On the other hand, ingesting food products that contain CBD may take up to 30 minutes or longer to be absorbed into your system.

CBD Tinctures are taken orally through a dropper
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Apply CBD body butter directly to muscles or joints.

CBD Massage Oil s a topical product - meaning that it is absorbed through the skin.

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Tinctures are taken by dropper or spray, directly into your mouth. The CBD used in these forms is extracted from hemp plants using pressurized carbon dioxide gas or a solvent such as ethanol. The solvent is then removed under vacuum. The remaining CBD is diluted with an oil, such as sesame oil or coconut oil, to improve the taste and preserve the cannabidiol. Tinctures are the second-quickest method to absorb CBD (after smoking), typically taking about 15 to 30 minutes.


Topicals are rubbed directly onto muscles or joints. CBD balms typically include extracts mixed into a fat, such as coconut oil or beeswax. That recipe not only makes it easier to spread the product on your skin but also allows the CBD to penetrate it. Topicals vary effectiveness from person to person. Some may feel immediate relief while in others it may take longer, or have no effect at all.


When eaten or consumed in a drink, CBD from hemp in particular may have an aroma or flavor of "newly cut grass". But flavors in some cocktails or coffees might overpower CBD so that it's undetectable. While other food products, such as cookies and brownies, may try to feature it. Due to the digestive process, edibles may take much longer to kick in than tinctures.